Buying a Home with Marie

For more than ten years I have dedicated myself to helping home buyers and sellers in Western Washington.  I view each property transfer as my chance to make a huge impact in peoples’ lives.  Over time, I have developed a winning system for working together with clients to make their home buying dreams a reality.

FIRST I ascertain whether you have prequalified for a home loan.  If not, I can recommend some great lenders I have worked with well in the past.  We want to make sure that when the right property is found, you appear to the seller to be the best candidate for that sale.  Once a lender is lined up you and I develop your list of wants and needs in a home so that we have solid criteria to begin our search in earnest.

NEXT comes the home search.  I can show you how to conduct an online search using your key attributes you need in a home and how to choose locations that will work for you.  We search together and separately, sharing what we find.  I can do in depth research for properties you like.  Once we weed out the ones that don’t fit, we can get in the car and do some in-person investigating.  If the pickings seem slim, I can show you some homes you might not have originally considered and help you develop a vision for what could make them more desirable.

THEN it’s time to gather the data for an offer.  How long has the home been on the market?  Is a multiple offer situation likely?  We go over the offer in great detail, discussing our strategy, which can differ depending on current market conditions, the buyer, and the home itself.

NOW it’s time for negotiations.  I work all along at building a good rapport with the seller and/or the seller’s agent.  Although your interests are at the forefront of my mind, we want everyone to feel that they are coming out a winner.

FINALLY we are at closing.  During the whole process I will have been informing you of the details on the step we are on and what is coming next.  I want to demystify the transaction and help grow your confidence with each decision you make, every step of the way.  Whether this is your first home buying experience or your last, I want you to be able to see the joyful aspects of it.  After all, you are purchasing a home!  I hope when you take the keys into your hands, it is with a sense not of relief, but of accomplishment.  As a team, we can make it happen.

First Time Home Buyer?

If you are first time home buyer, you are in great hands!

I am a certified first time home buyer instructor with the Washington State Housing Finance Commission. When you complete first time home buyer training workshop, you will qualify for special mortgage rates through Washington State’s Home Advantage program.