Meet Dusty

Dusty Cort comes from a rich background of customer service, running a small specialty store for almost a decade.  He wore many hats, handling everything from ordering to shipping to waiting on customers, and developed effective organization systems for the shop.  But he came to realize that the sameness of this job, despite wearing a number of hats, wasn’t for him, even though customers gave him rave reviews.  With a change in focus to real estate, Dusty loves how every day is different.  There are many more tasks to organize, problems to solve and that feeds the analytical side of him.  Dusty truly enjoys helping people and finding what makes them happy.  You can’t get much more customer care satisfaction then from assisting clients with achieving their real estate dreams.

For those who have grown up with technology, it is simply a part of daily life.  You absorb all of it quickly and incorporate it into every aspect of your life.  This is certainly true for Dusty, who organizes his business and personal life in his iPhone, has an organic understanding of Office products and social media, and is an amateur web developer.   And now he is bringing this deep knowledge of everything technological to the real estate business.

Having grown up in the northwest coastal part of Washington, from Everett to Skagit County and over to the Lake Stevens region, Dusty has lifelong knowledge of the market pockets here.  He enjoys keeping in touch with clients, both buyers and sellers.  He knows the right questions to ask to get to the heart of what they need in a property or a transaction.

Dusty’s free time is filled with delving into the wonderful outdoor recreation opportunities here in the Great Northwest.    Dusty is right at home with the laid-back Washington vibe. But once on the job, he is highly motivated to get clients exactly what they are looking for.